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Create your own terrarium. Our kits have all the tools and materials you need along with a detailed guide booklet to take you step by step through the process from start to finish.

Combining earth, water and greenery, you’ll create a calming energy for your space. Bringing the beauty of nature indoors. 


(Please note that the moss and crystals may vary slightly in appearance)

Crystal Terrarium Kit

  • The following tools and materials are included in the terrarium kit:


    1 x Glass Container 
    1 x White Sand
    1 x Black Sand
    1 x Gravel Mix (Jet Black)
    1 x Gravel Mix (Asphalt yellow)
    1 x Terrarium Soil Mix
    1 x Cushion Moss
    1 x Selected Crystal
    1 x Slate Stones (Mixed sizes)


    1 x Spray Bottle
    2 x Scoop Tools
    1 x Shaper Tool (with cork tip)
    2 x Pouring Cups
    1 x Brush

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