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Lava Soil, a versatile and nutrient-rich substrate crafted from volcanic rock, is renowned for its exceptional benefits in plant cultivation. Its unique composition provides optimal aeration and drainage, promoting healthy root development and preventing waterlogged conditions.


With a porous structure that facilitates the retention of essential moisture and nutrients, Lava Soil fosters vibrant growth and lush foliage. Ideal for a wide range of plants, from succulents and cacti to tropical species, it serves as an excellent foundation for bonsai cultivation and terrarium landscapes.


Experience the convenience of a cleaner, hassle-free repotting process with Lava Soil. Unlike traditional soils, which often result in messy endeavors, Lava Soil offers a quick and easy solution. Thanks to its lightweight texture and superior drainage, you can enjoy less mess, even when working with moist soil. Say goodbye to dirty hands and spilled soil – with Lava Soil, repotting becomes a breeze.

Lava Soil

  • In the unlikely event that you should receive a faulty/damaged product, we’ll offer you a replacement free of charge or a full refund. Simply send us a picture of the damaged item(s) and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent out to you or a full refund.

    If you are unhappy with our product please contact us directly via and our team will be happy to resolve any issues.

  • Please note delivery is only available within the United Kingdom.


    Special Delivery (1-2 working days)

    Purchases will need to be made before 11am between Monday and Thursday to ensure your order can be processed in time. Any orders received after 11am will be processed the next day for delivery. Orders made on Fridays will be posted out on Monday the following week.


    Standard Delivery (3-5 working days)

    All Standard deliveries are posted Monday to Friday.

    During busy times, bad weather, or extenuating circumstances there may be cause for delays with postal services. Should your order not arrive please contact us and our team will assist you.

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